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Over 40 years of experience in plant automation and optimization.

Global Leader in Process Plant Automation, Distributed Control System, Optimization & Field Devices



Foxboro (Malaysia) is a joint venture company which was formed between Progressive Impact Technology (PITECH) and The Foxboro Company (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) with 51% equity is owned by PITECH and the remainder by The Foxboro Company. At that particular time, The Foxboro Company was owned by Siebe PLC, a British based company.

In 1999, Foxboro became an Invensys company due to Siebe PLC merger with BTR PLC which formed Invensys PLC. Invensys PLC’s automation solution division, Invensys Operation Management Systems, is a global leader in the field of automation and information technology, systems, solution software, services & consulting. Recently in early 2014, Invensys PLC was bought over by Schneider Electric.

Located in Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam, Zaid Bin Abdullah is the founder and major shareholder of Progressive Impact Technology Group (PITECH).

Foxboro (Malaysia) markets range of control systems for most industries from our intelligent automation products to instrumentation and SCADA systems. Our employees support Foxboro’s entire process control products including Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Integration, Commissioning, Training and Maintenance. Foxboro provides products and services in a wide variety of industries which includes Oil & Gas, Power, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverages, Water and Wastewater to name a few. Our customers rely on us to help them produce top quality products at competitive prices – safely, reliably and accurately.

Our Core Business.


Software Solutions

Our Products.

Foxboro/ Triconex/ SIMSCI/ Avantis/ Wonderware/ Modicon/ Skelta - Solution for various industries which includes Oil & Gas, Power, Pulp & Paper, Food & Baverages and others.

Our Vision.

Our Vision is to surge ahead with cutting edge technology and constant upgrades, with the assurance that we will be there 24 hours a day, every step of the way...

Mission Statement.

To provide Total Control & Instrumentation Solution towards Total Customer Satisfaction.

Our Core Values

The PICORP WAY is the set of principles and behaviours that underline the PICORP Group core values that we uphold throughout our operations and business worldwide. Peak Performance, Innovative, Competitive, Obedient to Allah, Result Oriented and Process Excellence are the PICORP Way that streamlines the work culture, the people and the processes within the group towards achieving the company's goals and objectives.

PROCESS EXCELLENCE Setting standards and deliver measurable performance in everything we do.
INNOVATIVE Continuously translating ideas and innovation into products and services that create values to the customers.
COMPETITIVE Strong desire to win and be the best in our offerings.
OBEDIENT TO ALLAH Abiding by the orders of Allah and avoiding His prohibitions.
RESULT ORIENTED Always start with the end in our mind. Defining results that we want to achieve in advance.
PEAK PERFORMANCE Performing to the maximum of our ability with feelings of confidence, effortlessness and total concentration on the tasks.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


FOXBORO (M) SDN BHD is committed to ensure that we will deliver products, services, and support which is environmentally safe, and protect the safety of all employees, customers and communities in which we operate our business activities. This direction is supported by management and its individual and collective responsibility for all Foxboro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd employees.

FOXBORO (M) SDN BHD business and operation will :

  • Prioritize people’s safety and health as paramount ;
  • Ensure employees, contractors, and customer are aware of the policy and our HSE direction ;
  • Evaluate risks due to our operation and employ the appropriate HSE management system to reduce the risks ;
  • Set HSE objectives and pursue continual improvement ;
  • Provide necessary resources which include training and auditing to ensure effective implementations of HSE management system ;
  • Ensure that employees report incidents, unsafe acts & conditions and potential hazards ;
  • Comply with or exceed all applicable HSE legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements, standards, and practices at office and customer premises.

The Board and Managing Director is responsible for the HSE policy and holds the General Manager accountable for its implementation and overall performance in complying to it. Elected HSE committee will ensure and continuous monitoring and improvement of HSE program initiated. Each employee is held accountable for their own safety and health; and other which may be affected directly or indirectly whilst at work.


Quality Policy Statement

We, Foxboro (M) Sdn Bhd and its group of companies, key players in the vibrant oil and gas, petrochemical and energy sectors in Malaysia, hereby strive to achieve excellence in providing our products, services and solutions to our customers through:

  • Continually exceeding our customers’ requirement and expectation of product performance, quality, reliability as well as safety with reference to HSE regulatory and ISO 9001:2008 quality requirements
  • Continual improvement of our business processes, implement best practices and enhance effectiveness of our Quality Management System with reference to ISO 9001:2008 requirements, and
  • Continual improvement of our staff core competency, services with professionalism and proactive in serving our customers.

Quality Objective

Foxboro (M) Sdn Bhd is committed to achieve QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY and COST-EFFECTIVENESS, by

  • Monitoring and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring on-time delivery performance to customer
  • Monitoring the quality of product and services
  • Establish Cost Reduction Programs



1 PETRONAS 033244-T


Certification Scope Of registration Cert No
ISO 9001:2015 Design, system engineering, sales, installation and servicing of control and instrumentation systems. ISO 9001 – 00016544

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Sabah Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition 2019 (SOGCE)

Foxboro team currectly attending SOGCE Conference and Exhibition held at Magellan Sutera Resort, KK Sabah.
SOGCE 2019 theme "Shaping the Future of Oil and Gas Industry in Sabah". SOGCE provides a one-stop centre for suppliers of technologies, experts in the oil and gas industry together with policy maker to discuss the challenges and solutions, charting the way forward in the promotion of the oil and gas industry in Sabah.
We are really excited to be part of this inaugural event!

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ISA Malaysia Section 2019

Thank you for coming to Foxboro booth during the 2 days event at ISA Malaysia Section 2019 held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur. It was also a great pleasure that we have got the opportunity to present the technical papers on digitalization topic "Setting the Context of Digital Transformation in Control and Automation". Looking forward to meeting all of you again next time.
#digitalization #foxborobyschneider

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Your Digital Transformation

Here we are, sharing some reflections from our first roadshow, which we visited our clients in East Malaysia back in April. The event theme is "Your Digital Transformation" which aimed to focus on IIOT and digitization for East Malaysia Region clients with a joint efforts between Foxboro Malaysia and Trisystem Engineering with full support from Schneider Electric. Thank you to all who attended the event, we truly appreciate your support and looking forward to seeing you at the next roadshow.