Level, Density & Interface Measurement

Applying advanced Schneider Electric technology and extensive experience, we continuously innovate ways to measure the level, interface, or density of liquids in industrial processes. Our level transmitters are designed based on the proven Archimedes buoyancy principle and have zero moving parts. They are rugged and extremely reliable, requiring virtually no maintenance.
The transmitters also supply precise measurements, even at extreme process temperatures from -196 °C to +500 °C (-320 °F to +930 °F) and pressures from vacuum to 500 bar. Our loop-powered buoyancy transmitters offer HART ® and FOUNDATION ™ Fieldbus communication. Furthermore, LCD displays and push buttons make calibration and adjustments easy.

Buoyancy/Displacer Proven

A proven and preferred technology to measure the level, interface, or density of liquids in industrial processes. The level transmitters are FM/ATEX rated explosion proof and intrinsically safe, approved for SIL2 applications with a proof test interval of up to 5 years. The 167LP Pneumatic transmitter is used for measuring the level, interface, or density of liquids. It converts the lifting force of the displacer body to a pneumatic output and is ideal for extreme process level measurements.



Schneider Electric’s radar level measurement devices offer accurate and reliable level measurement for the widest choice of installation and applications. We have a complete lineup of guided wave and free space radars for solid and liquid applications. Combining state-of-the-art measurement technology and a robust and durable design, we ensure a life cycle of reliability.
Device features include unique 360-degree rotation, enabling side or top mounting and effortless fitting into existing spaces. For greater ease, all radar instruments feature a user-friendly external display, offering simple and intuitive configuration for a new operator.
Designed to be the most reliable radar available, the LG01 Guided Wave Radar transmitter is a universal measurement device for liquids and solids. Its steady signal performs continuous level measurements in a wide range of industries and applications. Moreover, a modular design of housing and sensor ensures suitability for a variety of mounting positions and applications.
Our Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) free space radars incorporate advanced technology and algorithms. Besides enabling easy setup, they ensure a reliable, accurate, and repeatable operation. FMCW technology also allows additional reliability with up to 100 times more signals compared to a pulse burst radar.
  • Accurate measurement of ±3mm 
  • Not affected by surface agitation, foam, turbulence, and varying media density and temperature 
  • Modular designs of housing and probes for a variety of mounting positions and applications


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