Flow Measurement

Utilising one century’s worth of experience in flow measurements, the Schneider Electric Process Automation group (formerly Foxboro) of Coriolis, Magnetic and Vortex technologies offer complete flow solutions.

Magnetic Flowmeter Portfolio

Magnetic flowmeters are designed for water, slurries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs applications in a wide range of industries. Schneider Electric magnetic meters can also lower the cost of ownership and maintenance. They are a reliable flow measurement solution with field-proven stability to maximise the availability of flow measurement.
Our flowmeters provide continuous diagnostic and self-tests, with the capability to identify coating and corrosion of the electrode or change of flow profile. With the new ‘virtual reference grounding’ feature, grounding electrodes or rings can also be left out. This feature simplifies and reduces installation costs while eliminating the risk of unstable ground on-site affecting accuracy.

IMT30A, IMT31A and IMT33A








Magnetic Flow

Vortex Flowmeter Portfolio

Schneider Electric’s 84C Series intelligent vortex flowmeters are proven to be the best choice for meeting numerous accuracy, dependability, and cost challenges your process faces.
With the Schneider Electric vortex flowmeter, a single-sensor design handles almost all of your measurement needs. Furthermore, having a built-in temperature compensation option for the mass flow of saturated steam or custom liquids makes the 84C family of vortex meters an even more valuable solution.
Hence, our vortex flowmeter simplifies ordering, reduces inventories, and cuts overall costs. Even after years of hard use, you will continue to experience predictable, long-term, accurate performance with a minimum cost of ownership.
Our flanged-body and wafer-body vortex flowmeters measure liquid, gas, or steam at process temperatures up to 430 °C (800 °F). On the other hand, our sanitary intelligent vortex flowmeter is the only 3-A sanitary vortex meter in the market authorised for applications that require crevice-free designs to enable inline cleaning.






Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Portfolio

Our family of Coriolis flow meters ranges from small to large for high pressure, cryogenic temperatures, and high temperatures. The meter’s diagnostics software monitors a series of process and auxiliary values to confirm the condition of the process medium.
They can even generate intuitive alerts when a specific proportion of gas bubbles or solids is exceeded, providing valuable information about the process itself.
Coriolis Plus offers a broad range of sizes from ½” to 16” and multiple wetted materials to fulfil virtually every application and process condition. The innovative construction and superior performance provide mass, volume flow, density, and concentration measurements of liquids and gases. Challenging applications such as entrained gas (2-phase flow), highly viscous media, non-homogeneous mixtures, and slurries are addressed with this offer.
  • Measurement of liquids, gases, and liquids with entrained gas 
  • Bulk Loading 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Chemical 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Power Plants 
  • Pulp & Paper
Schneider Electric offers superior mass flowmeters with a unique straight tube design for minimal pressure drop, highly viscous, corrosive, and slurry applications. Whatever your process requires, you can count on Schneider Electric’s Coriolis mass flowmeters for exceptional design and quality.
  • Schneider Electric’s 2-phase flow functionality offers a solution for flow conditions at a gas volume fraction (GVF) from 0 to 100% 
  • Exotic Wetted Materials: Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum, and Duplex SS
  • Standard Secondary Pressure Containment 
  • Lowest pressure drop with a single straight tube design 
  • Extreme temperature applications (-200°C to +400°C) with twin bent tube design 
  • Custody Transfer Approvals: NTEP, MC, OIML 
  • Enhanced diagnostics with 2-phase signal 
  • Diagnostics in accordance with NAMUR NE 107 requirements 
  • Calibrated at 3 temperatures to optimise compensation for temperature


Coriolis Flow


Coriolis Flow

Magnetic Flow

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