Pressure Measurement

Multi-Tiered S-Series Pressure Transmitter line of Gauge, Differential, Absolute and Multivariable models, which allow you to select one best suited for your application in terms of feature, performance and price:

  • State-of-the-art accuracy as a % of reading
  • 400:1 turndown capabilities
  • High speed response < 125ms
  • Longest standard warranty – 5 years
  • Sil 2 TUV certified

Premium Performance Transmitters

Whether you are facing differential head measurement for wide-ranging flows or demanding applications requiring impeccable accuracy and stability, our transmitters equipped with FoxCal™technology are up for the challenge. Accuracy leads the industry at ±0.025% of reading and stability better than ±0.015% URL every year for a decade.

Advanced Performance Transmitters

Advanced performance transmitters have an accuracy of ±0.05% of reading from 100% up to 4% of URL and integrated FoxCal technology, making the selection of sensor range very easy. This wide accuracy helps to standardise one pressure transmitter, eliminating erroneous sensor selection, reducing inventory, and allowing fast replacement with less downtime.

Value Performance Transmitters

Boasting an accuracy of ±0.075% of span, value performance transmitters offer robustness, experience, and safety to guarantee precise and reliable measurements, even at high pressures. These pressure transmitters, in their low power version drawing no more than 3 mA, can be installed in remote locations, with a limited power budget coming from solar panels or battery sources.

FoxCal™: Multiple Calibration Technology

Where traditional suppliers have a static calibration approach with conventional 2-point calibration technology, FoxCal dynamic technology has 11 calibration curves in 1 transmitter, which are stored permanently in the sensor memory.
  • Reduces inventory by 2/3
  • Fast replacement with less downtime
  • Reduces erroneous sensor selection
  • In-service time tracking
  • Latest communication protocol offerings
  • Measures fluid flow rates, liquid level, interface or density when connected to primary device (i.e. orifice plate or diaphragm seal)


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