Process Valve

Partnering with prominent brands, Schneider Electric field devices are designed to optimise your systems, software, and services, dramatically improving the economic, safety, and environmental performance of your operations.
In addition, by deploying multiple advanced measurement systems, you can enhance the availability and utilisation of all the assets. No matter the application, Schneider Electric enables you to drive your process at its best. Our portfolio of general service and severe service valves cover today’s toughest demands for valve performance.

General Service Control Valves

Whether at high pressures, in corrosive media, or in sub-zero fluids, our family of plug valves reliably addresses the vast majority of requirements at low energy consumption through low torque designs.

Severe Service Control Valves

Longer service life and reduced cost of ownership are the results of our highly engineered anti-cavitation control valves that neutralise detrimental wear and tear. A range of material, pressure and temperature options maximise flexibility for severe service applications.

Ball Valves

The hallmark of our valve portfolio, our ball valves can withstand tough applications, including corrosive fluids and cryogens. The ball valves are also fully customisable to fit international design and performance standards.

Butterfly Valves

Ideal for precision throttling and on-off applications, our butterfly valves deliver performance and long-term value through low friction and small torque, bidirectional sealing, intrinsic fire-proof structure, and dead zone-free design.


Process Valve

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